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Call Center Technology: Do You Have The Right Solution For Today’s Problems?

Better customer service is more than just providing exemplary customer service. It is about anticipating the range of issues your customers could have and working to solve their problems before they happen. Learn why you need modern technology to solve for today's challenges.

2022-12-30Jan Aertgeerts

5 Tips to help you craft the right Partner Discount Strategy for your SaaS Business

When it comes to your pricing and discounting strategy, your partner program shouldn't be an afterthought. In this post, we share 5 tips to craft a partner discount strategy for your SaaS business.

2022-10-21Jan Aertgeerts

End-to-End CAR-T Cell Therapy Management in Salesforce

Personalised CAR-T cell therapy is a life-saving therapy for many people. It's also an extremely complex treatment that demands specialised care before, during, and after administration.

2022-09-30Jan Aertgeerts

Patient Data Access in Clinical Trials

Data transparency has become an imperative. Healthcare is no exception. Get to know our take on patient data access.

2022-10-10Jan Aertgeerts


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